Status - International Chess Tournament "World's Youth Stars" in memory of Vanya Somov

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Nesis Cup 2021
1. Goals and tasks
The popularization of chess sport, the improving of sports mastership and qualification of the participants are tribute to G.Е. nesis, Honoured Master of Sport, FIDE Senior Trainer, International Arbiter, Honoured Coach of Russia.
2. Time and venue
The tournament is held in Kirishi, Leningradskaya oblast, at  KInEF Palace of Culture on 19th of May 2020. The tournament starts at 13.00 with 15 minute break after the 6th round.
3. Governing body
The Organizing Committee is responsible for the overall management of the tournament. The Directorate and the Panel of Arbiters are in charge of direct management. The Chief Arbiter is Ilgar Bajarani – International Arbiter.
4. System of the tournament
This tournament is held according to the 11 rounds Swiss System of the valid FIDE rules. Time control is 3 minutes (plus 2 seconds for each move made) until the end of the game for each player using the electronic chess clock. 5. Placing and awarding The placing is defined by the highest scores accumulated within 11 rounds. If the sum of scores is equal (2 or more players) the placing is defined as follows: a) Median Buchholz  system (except for the best and the worst scoring), b) face-to-face game with the same current score, c) average rating of opponents.
The winner is awarded with the Nesis Cup.

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