Status - International Chess Tournament "World's Youth Stars" in memory of Vanya Somov

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Archive 2003-2019 > 17th tournament
of the 17th International Chess Tournament "World's Youth Stars" Vanya Somov's memorial

1. Goals and tasks. The popularization of chess sport, the improving of sports mastership and qualification of the participants, a tribute to the memory of Vanya Somov, one of the strongest young chess players of Leningradskaya oblast.
2. Participants. The world strongest young chess players, invited according to the special list, approved by the Organizing Committee, take part in the tournament.
3. Time and venue. The tournament is held in Kirishi, Leningradskaya oblast, at KINEF Palace of Culture from 15th (arrival and opening ceremony) to 22nd (final round and awards ceremony) of May, 2019.
4. Governing body. The Organizing Committee is responsible for the overall management of the tournament. The Directorate and the Panel of Arbiters are in charge of direct management.
5. System of the tournament: The tournament is a 12-player, single roundrobin event, according to the valid FIDE rules. Time control is 1 hour 30 minutes (plus 30 seconds for each move made) until the end of the game for each player using the electronic chess clock. 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 of May - 2 rounds each day; 22 of may - final round. 19 of May - tournament's day off.
6. Placing and awarding. The placing is defined by the highest scores, accumulated within 11 rounds. If the sum of scores accumulated by two or more players is equal the placing is defined as follows:
  1. face-to-face game,
  2. Zonnenborn-Berger system,
  3. number of victories.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes.
7. Admission terms.
Participants are given full board and lodging.
Accompanying person's accommodation and payment of travel expenses is fully on player's home organization.

ECU Youth Grand Prix Director Gennady Nesis (signed)
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